The Love2Hope story
Audience: General

Learn how our family was called to “act justly, love mercy and walk humbly” to make a difference regarding social injustices and serve the broken, lost and hurting in America.

Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking 101
audience: Mature

Learn what it is, how and where it happens, the scope of the problem, who is at risk, basic terminology, and action steps that you can take to help fight this injustice.

What is your holy discontent?
Audience: General

God has placed in all of us a passion, righteous anger, and holy discontent to do something about the poor and oppressed. Human trafficking is fed in many ways such as the broken foster care system, drug addictions, homelessness, and domestic violence, to name a few. Isaiah 1:17 says, “Learn to do good. Seek justice. Help the oppressed, Defend the cause of orphans. Fight for the rights of widows.” In this verse as with thousands of others in the bible, God continually reminds us about the oppressed and He doesn’t call us to do something about it but rather He commands us to.  When we listen to that stirring of the soul and act on it, Matthew says, “He will cause justice to be victorious. And His name will be the hope of the world.”

Chosen – The True story of america’s trafficked teens
Audience: youth groups, Junior high and high school girls, parents

As traffickers target younger and younger victims, American youth are engaged in a battle they never prepared for. Be equipped with Shared Hope International’s best-selling youth sex trafficking prevention education.

Hear the true story of teens who faced real-life encounters with trafficking and practical resources to spread awareness and take action.

Labor Trafficking and Conscious Consumerism
Audience: General

The International Labor Organization estimates that there are roughly 21 million people worldwide who are victims of forced labor, which means they are producing the goods we all consume every day.  Learn how to make informed decisions on what to buy or boycott based on the human and environmental costs.  This workshop will also discuss common labor trafficking schemes, signs of labor trafficking, and questions to ask if you suspect trafficking.

Pornography – Ending The Demand
Audience: Mature

The increasing demand for trafficked women and children in recent years is due in part to the proliferation of pornography. Research and evidence indicate that pornography is a major factor in the demand. This workshop will speak to both men and women about the destructive nature pornography has on our relationships, marriages, homes.  We will provide information about and recommend men take the Defender’s Pledge.


“I just wanted to confirm that your presentation to the LaGrange Rotary Club was highly informative,  educational and compelling.  This is a national issue that is highly important to Rotary, and every Rotary club along your pathway of travel needs to experience, first hand, your high level of knowledge and terrific ability to communicate about the subject of human trafficking, and especially child sex trafficking.  Action requires education, and since this is an international issue for Rotary, every club should seek out opportunities to educate their members and you, Kay, and your family provide the opportunity I hope many, many clubs will embrace.  Your passion is contagious and your mission to spread the message is sure to make a huge difference.”

– Dean Thompson, LaGrange GA Rotary President

The harsh realities that were shared had the potential to make me want to retreat back into the comfort of my previous ignorance.  While this might save me from pain, it does nothing for our communities’ children and teens that may have their lives, and the lives of their families, destroyed by human trafficking.  Who do I know that could be targeted?  My young neighbors.  A good friend’s daughter.  My granddaughter.  This is not just someone else’s problem, but one that can impact nearly every one of us.  I am so thankful to Sean and Kay for helping bring awareness of the scope and severity of this problem, and for providing information and opportunities that will allow all of us to become part of the solution.

–   Anne Aune, Lino Lakes Community Member

When you hear the word “Human Trafficking” some think that is something that happens in large cities such as New York, Chicago and LA. I had heard the term “Human Trafficking” and I knew a little bit, but it was great to have Sean come out to one of my leadership meetings to talk in more detail about all that is involved in this modern day slavery. To learn that Human Trafficking is the trade of Humans, most commonly for the purpose of forced labor, sexual slavery or commercial sexual exploitation opened my eyes wider to the fact that this is happening right in our backyards and impacting our youth! Each day we have hundreds of youth entering our building and participating in programs we offer. Having Sean talk to us, helped us realize that this could (and probably is) happening right under our watch and we need to be aware and open our eyes to look for the warning signs and do something to help those who feel hopeless and lost. I love what Sean says “Act Justly…Love Mercy…Walk Humbly” in all that we do. If you have time to have Sean come out to your group or leadership team, I would highly recommend it. An hour of time can impact so many lives.

–   Chris Kost, Executive Director – Hudson WI YMCA

Love2Hope played a major role to help open our church’s eyes to injustice right in our area and around the world!  They held a very eye opening & informative session for our church to attend before our service.  They also shared powerful testimony about their call to ministry in fighting labor & human trafficking during our service.  Sean & Kay are genuine people, excellent communicators, and fantastic teachers!  They have been a pleasure to work with before, during, & after their visit to our church.  I would highly recommend having them come and teach or equip any group within or outside of the faith community.  They have shown to me they can adapt their message of hope & awareness to any audience or venue and leave you with practical ways both the individual and groups can make a difference right in your community!

– Paul Carlberg, Associate Pastor – Living Waters Church

It is my privilege to recommend Sean and Kay Levesque as they present the opportunity for you to make a difference in combatting one of the great social travesties of our time. Sean and Kay, along with their children, recently spoke at our church and the congregation was challenged by the depth of their daring faith. As a result, others have been asking how they can and should be involved. You will not be disappointed by their presentation because it is backed by the integrity of being “all in” with their lives.

– Art Cotant, Senior Pastor – Discovery Church

A very informative and professional presentation on human trafficking which brings awareness to the needs of so many young children and the challenge to act.

Marlys Orluck, Minot ND Community Member

Sean and Kay will make a difference in our world one life at a time. Their passion, charisma and knowledge can build God’s army to stop human trafficking.

Dr. Terry Eckmann, International Fitness Presenter and University Professor